Member Spotlight: Wicked Island Bakery

Serving the community is not just a goal for Wicked Island Bakery; it is the foundation on which they have built their entire business. Outside the bakery you will find people sipping coffee and chatting. Inside the bakery you are met with a friendly smile and the smell of freshly prepared Morning Buns. Whether you stop in quickly for a cup of coffee or sit down to enjoy a giant slice of pizza, your experience at Wicked Island Bakery will nevertheless be an absolute pleasure. Wicked Island Bakery has exemplified the qualities of a community-oriented business; a business that cares about both what they serve, and who they serve.

Heather and Ben Woodbury first opened Wicked Island Bakery in 2013. Since then, they have developed their business into a Nantucket favorite among both year-round residents and summer visitors. Ben Woodbury, the Executive Chef, trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York City and has experience working as a chef in many New York City restaurants. The opening of Wicked Island Bakery has allowed Ben a hugely creative opportunity: an opportunity to craft specialties for the small community of Nantucket. In fact, you may find yourself going to Wicked Island Bakery for a fresh Breakfast Sandy, and then discovering a new Truffle-Mushroom Brie Turnover that Ben created that morning. The name of the game for Ben and Heather Woodbury is to craft a menu at Wicked Island Bakery that always keeps the customer in mind. This kind of customer service and recipe creativity is what makes Wicked Island Bakery such a treat to visit, revisit; and then visit again.

In addition to selling the finest baked goods and savory favorites on Nantucket, Wicked Island Bakery has also made a point of supporting other local businesses and causes. You’re sure to find a fresh Moor’s End Farm egg on your Breakfast Sandy or a drop of golden, local honey baked into a handmade loaf of bread. Also, in remembrance of a beloved employee, proceeds from the purchase of a ‘Morning Gloria’ muffin at Wicked Island Bakery were directed to the Marla Ceely Lamb Fund; a local fund that helps defray the cost of transportation and lodging for patients who are required to travel off-island for cancer treatments. From mid-October 2018 through the end of the year, Wicked Island Bakery was able to donate $1,500 dollars to the Marla Ceely Lamb Fund. So, when you walk into Wicked Island Bakery you are not only supporting a local business; you are also supporting local families, farmers and friends.

Be sure to visit Wicked Island Bakery at their new location, 7 B Bayberry Court! This new location will provide Heather and Ben with much needed refrigeration space, an essential piece in ensuring that they can meet any and all delicious requests. The new space will feature a comfortable outdoor patio area, more parking; and may even provide Ben the space needed to cook up some exciting new additions to the Wicked Island Bakery menu…Stay tuned, and be sure to visit Wicked Island Bakery’s new location at 7 B Bayberry Court for all your sweet and savory needs.

Wicked Island Bakery 

7 B Bayberry Court | Nantucket, MA |02554

(508) 901-5797

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